četvrtak, 29. prosinca 2011.

Life, holidays, piracy and FIFA 12 :)

We've been busy with the life thing so we haven't brought you anything new for some time now.
But since it's holidays time we've decided to upload something useful. Before we get there we'd just like wish you a Marry Christmas (for those who celebrate it, and sorry for the delay) and a Happy New Year!
Now to the point, you may have noticed that we don't offer a lot of downloads and we'd like to take this opportunity and explain why is that. See, we don't just go around copying other people's work and make it our own. We're all about quality before quantity. So it takes time to create these files or to find freeware mods/cracks and test them if they actually work since there'a a sea of fake files out there. This way we ensure you always get the right files.

And this time, without further delay, we offer you a FIFA 12 Multiplayer Crack. This one has been a little tricky but we've put some effort into it because there were a lot of requests for it. Anyway,  you can find it in the "RACING AND SPORTS" section of the site, so go get it and enjoy some online soccer for free ;)

Yours truly,
the Dragonborn team.