The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Multiplayer mod, Crash Fix

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From now on you play Skyrim in Co-Op with a friend. The game is still exactly the same except you no longer have to slay those mean dragons on your own! 

The mod features a separate Skyrim MP launcher, which means your original Skyrim single-player progress will not be affected. It's limited to 2 players due to instability issues when more players are introduced. The main focus of this mod is Co-Op, which means quests are optimized for 2 players, you can also trade and fight against your fellow player, and pretty much interact with him or her in any way you would normally do with NPCs. With version 1.8 we have introduced support for the latest Skyrim Add-On/DLC 'Dragonborn' which means you can now explore new locations in multiplayer too.

Installation instructions are included in the download. Enjoy!

Skyrim Crash Fix

Skyrim being ported from consoles to PC brings a lot of unresolved issues like frequent game crashes. So the Skyrim modding community has developed a fix which resolves most of the crashing problems. It's compatible with all Skyrim versions and expansions