PlanetSide 2 + FPS Fix

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PlanetSide 2, the awesome new MMO FPS, one of a kind. It brings full scale futuristic warfare with thousands of players in a vast, open-world. It features true skill-based combat, with many different classes, ground and air assault vehicles and a lot more. It's also a free-to-play game, which would normally be a good thing, but it also offers premium (payed) accounts with massive advantage over the non-paying players.

But, as usual for every commercial item in online gaming, there is a free alternative. That's where we come in. We offer you a free download of a full PlanetSide 2 client with a (free) premium account included.

PlanetSide 2 FPS Fix/Boost

Another problem with PS2 is it's demanding PC power, it's pretty unoptimized in that aspect, but considering what it features, it's also understandable. Don't worry, there's a solution for that too. This FPS fix/boost will modify game files and settings which will get you at least +20 FPS.